happy friday! we’re full of cafe gratitude for these tasty cement tiles!

custom designed by one of the best- wendy haworth design- this version of “london apothecary” cement tiles for the san diego cafe gratitude is brimming with good looks and style. we’re grateful for all of it! happy friday!

wendy haworth designs creates magic with our london apothecary(click photo for more london apothecary in this client-submitted #floorcore)

50′s manhattan cement tile- think mad men with a twist…

ok- picture this…peggy does her final scene with roger…a soft shoe routine on top of this pattern. right??

50's manhattan- cement tile and mad men!

(looking good, mad men style #floorcore 50′s manhattan – click photo for more)

wanting lots more of the new west #floorcore!

with 4 color ways – and 10 different native american patterns, the clé “new west” series seems to be rockin’ all the right style moves…

new west clé cement tiles in native american patterns(click photo for more “new west” cement tiles)

industrial milan, what is it about black and white striped cement tiles?

whenever i think of black and white stripes, i always think of italy. nowhere else does black and white striping get so prominently and unabashedly heralded than in italian architecture. and of all the famous italian cities- milan is the city i find the most modern. clé’s “industrial milan” cement tile is a celebration of both modern and black/white striped italy!

black and white striped cement tiles evoke modern italian architecture(click photo for more “industrial milan” cement tiles)

fashion vs cement tile? no contest! they both win, hands down…

clé’s “big spin” cement tiles evoke an irresistible style that can only be equaled with a pair of erica tanov rose gold brogues.

big spin cement tiles from clé(win/win #floorcore, click photo for more)

crossing our hearts, cement tile style…

white and black creates a formal but simple motif…

clé cement tile cross pattern in black and white(clé cement tile #floorcore goes gothic with “cross” pattern)

taking a modern roman holiday for #floorcore saturday

our beloved “modern roman holiday” #cement tile in color makes going classic bold, beautiful and blue…

cle-cement-classic-modernromanholiday-bsw-9s(click for more weekend #floorcore fun)

friday cement tile #floorcore explore

it’s impossibly friday. where did the time fly? for us, it was having fun with all the #floorcore galore. today…a black and white classic-

space kitchenette encaustic cement tiles by clé(click for more #cement tiles from clé. space kitchenette + prada = yum!)

cement tile + kimono = today’s #floorcore

love, love, love this new clé cement tile pattern – kimono cuff

encaustic cement tile- kimono cuff wool, taro, white(colors- wool, taro, white – click photo to see more)

#floorcore cement hex tiles- pinks and greens

if you’re like us- surprised at how much we love pinks and greens, we’ve got a clé cement tile #floorcore for you…

red barn cement tile hex“red clay” and “barn” cement tile hex’s.