bell bottom blues…

one of my all time faves…bell bottom blues from clapton (of derek and the dominoes). great analogy for fading love.

takes me way, way back…




blues clues







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just a few reasons why antique mirrors are so, so modern…

been thinking about adding some antique mirror to illuminate your space(s)?

antique mirror, mercury glass, hand-silvered glass, there are a number of names for these tiles of style. however you refer to them, they have only just begun to pick up steam as an enduring surface that can add life, texture, and light along with a metallic luminosity that is the surface rendition of a genie’s lamp. one is never quite sure what will be found in the world beyond the distressed silver. maybe it’s a reflection and maybe it’s not….

one thing is for sure, it’s a can’t-miss art piece wherever it’s used. who can balk at a finish that’s stunningly beautiful, romantic, and can double your square footage without a permit?





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grey…i mean, pink, sunday!

sunday is generally a chill day – but, today, thanks to the holiday- it’s a bit of a thrill day…

so for this sunday…think pink!

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colorful saturdays



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al fresco, an infinite dining room…

while roaming the net, i’ve gathered a few great pins of a favorite past-time of mine – dining in the great outdoors.

interesting how very far away one can go while sitting in an office chair :)

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 (floor of zellige mosaics and carrara marble)

6 months later and still enjoying remodelista…the book.

i know, i know.

you’ve already heard, seen, bought the book, right? old news?


well, when it launched in september- there was surely no need for me to trumpet my own praise. there was so much of it flowing around at the time. why be yesterday’s news?

…because it’s a fun book?

…a book from the folks responsible for one of my favorite blogs?

…a great hands-on home and design resource in it’s own right?

….foreword by everyone’s favorite actress, julianne moore?

yes, yes- all of the above.

however, fast forward to now- a good 1/2 year past the launch and the book still sits in my living room- not gathering dust, but  gathering fingerprints and a bent spine from lots of evenings taking short glances at what has become for me- a book with too much to take in all at once.


(remodelista-style photography)



(great tips on how to get the design look for yourself)



(spotting the latest in classic trends)



(the details! all the “best-of” details)

i’ve been enjoying all of the layers and layers that, at first glance, seemed almost uneventful in a book about design. but that’s actually the deceptive nature of remodelista, in general. because all of their info (and there’s a lot of it) comes through the details. god bless, the details!

we were more than delighted when we discovered that right there amongst all the details, clé was included as a remodelista favorite tile resource. great to be with such great company- big thanks!!

so, if you haven’t gone out to get your own copy. you really must. if you’re remodeling, redecorating, buying a new bed or just wanting to put your feet up and look at pretty pictures. it’s time to pick up your own volume.

and speaking of volumes…not that i’m close to getting through the first one, but i’m kinda wondering when volume II might be in the works?? i’m ready to sign up!


gray sundays

gray, not so much somber, as it is classic …


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saturated saturday’s

tile envy visits daily tile and the clé “color” pinboard-


(tile graffiti in lisbon)



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2014 ceramic artist of the year…Forrest Lesch-Middelton

if you haven’t met him yet, today’s the perfect opportunity to meet potter extraordinaire and clé tile artist, forrest lesch-middelton.



forrest is the creative force behind one of our most popular tiles series – origins

cle-forrest lesch-middelton-origins-group V

(origin tiles by forrest lesch-middelton)


additionally, this year, we are very pleased and proud to announce that forrest was selected for the most prestigious award for ceramic artists- Ceramics Monthly- 2014 Ceramic Artist of the Yearcongratulations, forrest. it’s an award, well deserved.


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forrest is an artist of deep warmth, intelligence and generous spirit.  below are just a few photos to further entice you into his world of masterful ceramics;  a career dedicated to his art and paying homage to the patterns and artistry of ancient cultures.



forrest lesch middelton (flm006)-1





friday fashion fest…stella, dries, celine & watermark.

in good company- from my “fashion-ey things i love” pinboard, today we’re hangin’ with stella, dries, and celine. looking good…



watermark from clé