industrial milan, what is it about black and white striped cement tiles?

whenever i think of black and white stripes, i always think of italy. nowhere else does black and white striping get so prominently and unabashedly heralded than in italian architecture. and of all the famous italian cities- milan is the city i find the most modern. clé’s “industrial milan” cement tile is a celebration of both modern and black/white striped italy!

black and white striped cement tiles evoke modern italian architecture(click photo for more “industrial milan” cement tiles)

fashion vs cement tile? no contest! they both win, hands down…

clé’s “big spin” cement tiles evoke an irresistible style that can only be equaled with a pair of erica tanov rose gold brogues.

big spin cement tiles from clé(win/win #floorcore, click photo for more)

crossing our hearts, cement tile style…

white and black creates a formal but simple motif…

clé cement tile cross pattern in black and white(clé cement tile #floorcore goes gothic with “cross” pattern)

taking a modern roman holiday for #floorcore saturday

our beloved “modern roman holiday” #cement tile in color makes going classic bold, beautiful and blue…

cle-cement-classic-modernromanholiday-bsw-9s(click for more weekend #floorcore fun)

friday cement tile #floorcore explore

it’s impossibly friday. where did the time fly? for us, it was having fun with all the #floorcore galore. today…a black and white classic-

space kitchenette encaustic cement tiles by clé(click for more #cement tiles from clé. space kitchenette + prada = yum!)

cement tile + kimono = today’s #floorcore

love, love, love this new clé cement tile pattern – kimono cuff

encaustic cement tile- kimono cuff wool, taro, white(colors- wool, taro, white – click photo to see more)

#floorcore cement hex tiles- pinks and greens

if you’re like us- surprised at how much we love pinks and greens, we’ve got a clé cement tile #floorcore for you…

red barn cement tile hex“red clay” and “barn” cement tile hex’s.

the new clé cement tile collection stars in its very own #floorcore

not that long ago, i shared a story about the lonny magazine instagram phenomenon – #floorcore.

#floorcore with clé and lonny magazine

lonny magazine #floorcore, click photo to read more.

these fashion-meets-floors “shoe-fies” have managed to remain a constant image inspiration across the internet.

over at clé, redesigning their new cement tile collection included engineering a new thinner size (3/8″ vs 5/8″), finishing up tons of great new designs (think western themes, bold graphics and mid-century styles) and also a big, big inventory of shapes and patterns that are ready to ship at a moment’s notice.

the fact that shipping is offered FREE for all stock orders over 100 SF just made choosing these visually delicious tiles – super easy!! and affordable!

big al #cementtile from clé

(see clé’s glazed and confused to read all about it)

when we started laying out some of our newest patterns along with some old favorites, the “shoe-fie” seemed hard to resist especially with the clé team’s amazing personal collection of shoes. so…for the next 31 days, tile envy will be showing off these fun #floorcore shots featuring amazing shoes sitting atop their best coordinated clé cement tiles.

we hope you’ll join us for the next 31 days of  fun here at tile envy and also as we share our shoe-fies on instagram via the hashtag #floorcore.

can’t wait and wanna see the whole new clé cement tile collection? (click here)

cement tile expert

LIVE…a bridge over troubled waters…annie lennox

simon and garfunkel get oozie-bluesie, thanks to annie…

(happy saturday)

Screen Shot 2015-03-07 at 10.50.57 AM

bowie, lennox and queen…a dream, under pressure

a shout-out because i should-

(and happy saturday)

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