6 months later and still enjoying remodelista…the book.

i know, i know.

you’ve already heard, seen, bought the book, right? old news?


well, when it launched in september- there was surely no need for me to trumpet my own praise. there was so much of it flowing around at the time. why be yesterday’s news?

…because it’s a fun book?

…a book from the folks responsible for one of my favorite blogs?

…a great hands-on home and design resource in it’s own right?

….foreword by everyone’s favorite actress, julianne moore?

yes, yes- all of the above.

however, fast forward to now- a good 1/2 year past the launch and the book still sits in my living room- not gathering dust, but  gathering fingerprints and a bent spine from lots of evenings taking short glances at what has become for me- a book with too much to take in all at once.


(remodelista-style photography)



(great tips on how to get the design look for yourself)



(spotting the latest in classic trends)



(the details! all the “best-of” details)

i’ve been enjoying all of the layers and layers that, at first glance, seemed almost uneventful in a book about design. but that’s actually the deceptive nature of remodelista, in general. because all of their info (and there’s a lot of it) comes through the details. god bless, the details!

we were more than delighted when we discovered that right there amongst all the details, clé was included as a remodelista favorite tile resource. great to be with such great company- big thanks!!

so, if you haven’t gone out to get your own copy. you really must. if you’re remodeling, redecorating, buying a new bed or just wanting to put your feet up and look at pretty pictures. it’s time to pick up your own volume.

and speaking of volumes…not that i’m close to getting through the first one, but i’m kinda wondering when volume II might be in the works?? i’m ready to sign up!


gray sundays

gray, not so much somber, as it is classic …


(daily tile – click photo for more info)


(click on photo for more and resources)

saturated saturday’s

tile envy visits daily tile and the clé “color” pinboard-


(tile graffiti in lisbon)



(click collage for sources)


2014 ceramic artist of the year…Forrest Lesch-Middelton

if you haven’t met him yet, today’s the perfect opportunity to meet potter extraordinaire and clé tile artist, forrest lesch-middelton.



forrest is the creative force behind one of our most popular tiles series – origins

cle-forrest lesch-middelton-origins-group V

(origin tiles by forrest lesch-middelton)


additionally, this year, we are very pleased and proud to announce that forrest was selected for the most prestigious award for ceramic artists- Ceramics Monthly- 2014 Ceramic Artist of the Yearcongratulations, forrest. it’s an award, well deserved.


(please click photo to read more)


forrest is an artist of deep warmth, intelligence and generous spirit.  below are just a few photos to further entice you into his world of masterful ceramics;  a career dedicated to his art and paying homage to the patterns and artistry of ancient cultures.



forrest lesch middelton (flm006)-1





friday fashion fest…stella, dries, celine & watermark.

in good company- from my “fashion-ey things i love” pinboard, today we’re hangin’ with stella, dries, and celine. looking good…



watermark from clé

a great report on portuguese tiles…azulejos.

zellige - it’s not only the name of one of clé’s most popular tiles, but the word for “tile” in portuguese is azulejo, which is derived from the arabic word for tile- zellige.  and azulejos, or tiles, are if not the most predominant feature of portugal, then certainly the most artistic.

today, a big shout out to cbs news for taking the time to create an in-depth report on the historic impact of tiles in portugal. and the report is a real treasure!

we love it when tiles make an entrance on the world stage, as they have more predominantly throughout history. it’s my tile fantasy… that architecture around the world will become dressed in tiles like all the ancient buildings of portugal, and spain, and morocco, and holland and, and, and…


patchwork, or singular pattern…cement tiles now in stock!

recently, in one of her groundbreaking posts, (i’ve always wanted to say that!) sarah of remodelista reminded us that it was high-time the age-old european trend of mixing and matching patterned tiles echoed worldwide!


(click to read full post)

sarah definitely stirred some deep tile yearnings, mostly because patchwork tiles exude such high style. however, here is the catch (why is there always a catch). for most patchwork projects, they couldn’t even get off the ground, so to speak, without the good fortune of a local boneyard full of tile odds and ends. the chances of running across an abundance of mismatched -and beautiful!- tiles could leave even the best treasure-hunter empty handed.




when clients started calling to purchase patchwork tiles- clé needed to act fast! today, we are ever-so-pleased to announce that we now stock a collection of our most popular singularly patterned black, white and grey cement tiles.  and along with this- we encourage the use of the tiles as patchwork!

you want patchwork cement tiles? clé’s got them!

Screen Shot 2014-01-17 at 9.41.40 AM

(clé patchwork cement tiles – now available IN STOCK!)

cle patchwork tiles in stock

(clé patchwork cement tile installation idea)

also, with a little more time under your belt- you can get any of our cement tiles, (or other tiles, for that matter) in a patchwork formation. however, unlike our stocked tiles, you may need to wait a bit for their production. but be ever so clear… the wait would be more than worth it!

cle - oragins-Alborz Fragmented 4_

(a patchwork of forrest lesch-middelton’s elegant origins series)


(inspired patchwork by john whitmarsh: container tiles for clé)

mix and match magic with ruan hoffmann postcard series

(postcards from myself by ruan hoffmann, mix and match magic!)

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tile twins – cement in stereo!

charles de lisle in mexico w/cement tile. read more (here) and a twin: 2014 resortwear by thom browne.


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happy saturday!

i’ve decided that every saturday i should post a collage from one of my favorite pinboards- color!

i mean, why not? it’s a slow news day and they are two of my favorites- saturdays and color!! i hope you enjoy these as much as i enjoy making them :)

color(be sure to click on collage for sources!)


monday mentions…architects & artisans

as of late, i’ve been very delinquent sharing all of our recent press mentions. it’s not due to a lack of appreciation -more a lack of organization trying to share them all.

for now, let me just say -a very big thank you, in general, to all of the esteemed media for supporting our collections!

getting back into the saddle on our monday mentions, today’s  ”mentioner” is michael welton of popular blog, architects & artisans. michael’s story about new clé tile- watermark shares a bit about the how & why of this newest collection.


(please click photo to read story)

michael interviewed me at great length to get to the heart of his story. and the one thing that was most special to me, didn’t actually make the story…the fact that the blue of our indigo series of watermark (an “ardently desired blue”), matched exactly the blue of michael’s wife’s eyes. OK- group sigh!!

however, to further sweeten today’s pot, a story about michael was just mentioned on another of our favorite blogs- handful of salt.  it’s not often that we get to hear the story behind the story writers. but thanks to regina o’connell of handful of salt, we now know a little more about the guy who melds architecture and the art of crafts into his daily blog architects & artisans. (click here to read!)

for more from architects & artisans-



for more from handful of salt-