free shipping….and other things i love.

i’m infatuated with pinterest.

and now that clé is closer to our goal of 5000 pinterest followers, the fun of seeing everyone’s favorite images just gets better and better. we’d love to end 2014 by reaching that historic figure! so if you haven’t joined our more than 60 pinboards of art, fashion, design, color, and TILE, we hope you’ll be part of this historic moment and come join the pinning fun with clé (click here).

below is just a sampling of the thousands of pins that we’ve collected over 2014-


during the holiday season, i can’t help but consider all the blessings of the year. and this month i really enjoyed browsing through my pinboard called – things i love.  it’s a board of images that bubble up through the year and remind me of how magical life can be.

i enjoyed the images so much that i began pairing some…and then a few more, and so on. so to kick off 2015- for the entire month of january i hope you’ll join me at tile envy for these daily pairings of “things i love”.

and judging by the response to clé’s free shipping promo this month, it’s pretty clear that a lot of people really love cement tiles AND free shipping. in fact, we are quickly running out of inventory for this fun event, so if you have been struggling to choose your color or pattern, we are also running out of TIME.  clé’s free shipping promo turns into a pumpkin at the stroke of midnight 12/31/14….so be there and be square :)

a big thank you from clé…

cement tile free shipping

for clé, 2014 has been such a remarkable year…the greatest clients, projects and new tile friends :)

and really, we have all of you to thank! so THANK YOU!

you’ve all been so generous with your attentions and support that clé wanted to offer a month-long giveaway for one of your most favored collections- clé cement tiles.


so if you’ve been contemplating cement tile patterns or shapes for your next project, now through december 31st, you can shop for clé’s latest in-stock cement tiles in black/white/gray, color and even our most popular hexagonal shades.

AND clé will be picking up your shipping tab (see all details here).

with our popular selection of cement tile patterns and shapes along with our excellent pricing and quality, now is the time to enjoy the cement tile project of which you’ve been long, long dreaming!

happy holidays!!




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colorful saturdays


best of 2014…get out the vote!

it’s that time, again, for the BoY 2014 at Interior Design magazine!

if you’ve never cast your vote – it’s quick. it’s easy. and it’s really just fun to see the cross-section of so many new and lovely interior design surfaces, objects, furnishings etc.

this year clé has submitted our popular collection – watermark. for those of you unfamiliar with this slow-crafted, shibori-inspired, made in the US of A tile, here is a quick review:







there’s only 2 days left to cast your votes, so if you would like to be a part of selecting the best of 2014 with Interior Design magazine (click here) and be there or be square :)


gray sunday

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colorful saturday


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gray sunday


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colorful saturday


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gray sunday

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