grey sundays…

let the rains begin…

grey sundays(click photo for more)

colorful saturdays…

moody, colorful fall moves into winter…

moody colorful fall(click for more)




grey turn-back-the-clock sunday

i always love fall’s daylight savings. one more hour makes me feel fresh, fresh, fresh…

small-bathroom-sinks-faucets-2(click photo for more)

happy, happy, scary!

this is about as close to halloween as i get…

happy halloween from clé(boo!…cake attack.  click for more)

indoor/outdoor explore

when discussing one of the design world’s most significant new trends- the indoors flowing into the outdoors- first one must start with the allure of the great outdoors…

indoor/outdoor exteriors


 exterior - on golden pond




grey sunday

fall-struck, with its touch of cold and dark…

Panneaux-de-béton-concrete-panel-ATELIERBclick on photo for more gray and resources

tickled pink zelllige, and colorful saturdays

i’m still feeling a pink (dusky pink zellige, to be exact) groove on this colorful saturday…

pinks and color - zelliges

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grey sundeys…

it’s back…and still my favorite of all colors.

grey sundey's(click photo for more in grey)

in the pink…

i’ve recently gone mad for pink. i’ve even started wearing it. i’ve always loved it, but not one to typically be drawn to pastels, i’m finding that pink may in fact be my “pastel gateway”.

tickled pinkclick photo for more pink inspirations. 

cement tile…inimitable style, room after room.

yes, cement tiles are hot on the scene- popping up in your favorite restaurants, hotels and other public spaces.

and if you are amongst the lucky – you may even be stepping onto your own cement tile baths and showers- kitchens and entries- just to name a few spaces currently getting this special treatment.

but if you think that the resurgence of cement tiles on the design scene is casting a homogenized style pallor on this visual horizon- think again!

this week we are checking out a first round of some spaces that fill us full of tile envy. each and every room scene we’ve selected showcases the artistic textures cement tiles can offer … design themes of extreme variety.

culled from our “cement tile inspirations pinboard” with nearly 1000 cement tile inspirations – it’s the perfect guide to help you on your way to your own cement tile haven.



















Screen Shot 2015-08-30 at 3.27.01 PM

Screen Shot 2015-08-30 at 3.24.00 PM


Homepolish-Benni-Benedetta-Amadi-SF-13(be sure to click on each photo for photo sources)

and join us every week, in september, for more tile enviable spaces from our “cement tile inspirations” pinboard.