gray sunday


gray pinboard on clé

gray sunday

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colorful saturday

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gray sunday

not to be outdone by colorful saturday on a sunday, here’s a gray sunday, too…


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colorful saturday

better late than never! reminded by artist pauline hughes twitter “toss” i’m sneaking in a colorful saturday on sunday! yay for valentino and tokyo (and clé color pinboard)!

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gray sunday

thanks to ceramic artist and tile envy twitter friend, pauline hughes, for inspiring today’s gray sunday!

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studio visit…rose uniacke.

opposites attract.

it’s one of the reasons i find myself mesmerized by the spaces designed by UK’s rose uniacke.

initially, an antique refinisher and dealer, rose began to use her studied eye to assist her clients with their antique purchases. she followed with advising their placement and subsequently her design support grew to include all the spaces surrounding her classic antiques.

the results were not fanciful, cluttered, chintz-laden nor gold filigreed halls and suites. instead uniacke’s signature spaces take on the austerity of a minimalist’s hand combined with the placement of singular “pieces” either antique or modern to create spaces that are voluminous and architectural while being surprisingly inviting and do i dare say…cozy? there’s a few opposites for ya!


















for more on rose, see her website or check out this great interview and more photos from NYT.

gray sunday


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colorful saturday


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2014 Sunset Idea House…it’s official!

YAY! are you near SoCal and looking for some great eye-candy?


the 2014 Sunset Idea House, with interiors masterfully shaped by David John Dick and Krista Schrock of DISC Interiors, is complete and ready for viewing. this past weekend marked its debut opening to the public. and if you missed it, thrill-seekers will be able to meander through all the lovely spaces and gardens for the next 5 consecutive weekends.

this year’s house is located in Manhattan Beach- emphasis on BEACH! the editors of Sunset Magazine came to David and Krista with the request to create a modern beach house. what DISC Interiors has dreamed up, because the house is truly dreamy – is the ultimate modern, cozy, artful and meditative retreat-by-the-sea.

clé was given the opportunity to be included in this project. THANK YOU! the results of their wonderful California-based collaboration ranks amongst the best we have ever seen. naturally, there’s a bit of bias on our part- but i think any viewer will agree- the house is a stunner!

for a great review of Sunset’s 2014 ode to the California beach house, please read Jeanne Chung’s cozy.stylish.chic blog (here).

Kitchen.Photo-Credit-Stephania-SerenaPhoto Credit: Stephania Serena  (kitchen tiles, origins by forrest lesch-middelton)

gray sunday

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