a moment in paris? check out this “paris bistro” floor…

to many, the iconic paris experience is an afternoon sitting at a quintessential parisian bistro. and for me, there is no stronger visual connection to a paris bistro than those iconic cement tile floors…

paris bistro cement tiles(a #floorcore reminder of your summer vacation in paris! click photo for more “paris bistro”)

cement tile diamonds are anyone’s best friend.

in black, loving these cement tile diamonds with their ultra-matte finish and all that diamond parquetry…

diamond shaped black cement tilesand if you don’t like diamonds (who are you?) then how about black arabesques, scallops etc? – click photo for more shapes.

friday quiz…which pattern layout do you prefer – funky chic or modern classic?

yup, look closely. you’ll see that today’s cement tile pattern is the EXACT SAME pattern as yesterday’s. with a simple slight of hand- this versa-tile diamond twist pattern can take you from boho-chic-funkiness (see yesterday’s #floorcore), then completely transform into an italian classic perfect for your palazzo renovation.  prosecco anyone?

diamond twist cement tiles in black and white #floorcore

(wanna see even more? please click photo)

let’s do the twist…diamond twist #floorcore

taking a classic pattern and giving it a twist…2 shades of blue keep this cement tile pattern classic, moody, and vibrant.

diamond twist, cement tile, patterned tile, handmade tile,
(diamond twist #floorcore, click photo for more)

cement tile- black, white, and milo! our favorite pup makes his #floorcore debut…

zenith is a black and white cement tile. finely geometric, it is perfect as a perfect pattern or in our preferred layout- zany and random. and milo loves it, too!

milo, zenith, black & white cement tile #floorcore

(click photo for more zenith)

pink medley…looking good with white/pink/kelly

it’s hard to pass up pink, especially in a cheery medley. this is one of our most favorites. we dare you to try not to smile :)

clé pink medley- pink/kelly/white cement hex tiles

(for more of this #floorcore- be sure to click the photo)

gingham style…look out psy, we got it covered!

simplicity never looked so good.  if you’re into plain jane, here’s your gingham – cement tile style.

cement tile in checkmate makes plain jane magical(click photo for more #floorcore colors)

it’s hard not to smile at this cement tile blue/white hex floor.

in a twist of blue and white, these cement tile hex’s make for a bright and happy foundation to any room…

blue/white cement tile hex's(click on #floorcore for more :)

weekend special…a client’s cement tile patchwork masterpiece.

a quilting artist took her favorite clé cement tile patterns and “quilted” her own special kitchen floor…

clé cement tile patchwork
(clé patchwork quilts a kitchen #floorcore)

happy friday! we’re full of cafe gratitude for these tasty cement tiles!

custom designed by one of the best- wendy haworth design- this version of “london apothecary” cement tiles for the san diego cafe gratitude is brimming with good looks and style. we’re grateful for all of it! happy friday!

wendy haworth designs creates magic with our london apothecary(click photo for more london apothecary in this client-submitted #floorcore)