who am i?
my name is deborah osburn and i’ve been designing, manufacturing and curating tiles all my life. well, not really. but all my life after i got a degree in sculpture (wood working, casting, welding, making pots, building, painting, sewing, carving…waitressing).
then i discovered tile.

what do i do?
i’m the founder of clé, (, a tile eboutique that does the following:
collects artists and studio tile works from around the world so that people from around the world have access to remarkable surfaces for their homes or projects.

how do i do it?
here’s my process:
view art longingly.
observe fashion constantly.
dissect tile curiously.
that’s it! over and over again, all day long. kind of a different process from shopping at trade shows drinking from the same pool as everyone else. that’s not for me- and that’s not clé.

why this blog?
tile envy captures my “doing” process, tracing my meanderings as i travel the globe, on foot or in the ether, searching for the next great surface.

my mantra-
don’t be caught with lousy tile. it’s going to be there for a while- so please…make it memorable.
photo by penni gladstone photography