Dee-luscious Tile

Searching the web for photos of traditional majolica tiles, I happened upon these remarkable “cookie” versions.





I couldn’t believe they were actually cookies- I thought how great it would be to include these at a tile event!!  The baker extraordinaire is Zoe Lukas and her magical bakery is called Whipped Bakeshop, located in Philadelphia. She has wonderfully artful cookies, cupcakes and cakes and they will customize any baked goodies for you.

My tile company, Tilevera, is similar to Whipped Bakeshop.  We have a multitude of tiles and designs just like these fabulous cookies, and yet the majority of our business is custom work.  We do custom paintings on stone and you would be amazed at some of the subject matter requested of our painters.  I’ll bet that Whipped Bakeshop and Tilevera could share some interesting stories…


In the meantime- I asked Zoe to share some insights about her new bakery in the following interview done just after the grand opening of her new retail shop-

Q You make remarkable looking pastry treats.  What inspires you?

A Thanks :) It’s difficult to pick just one thing that inspires me – Decoration-wise, I love fabric and pattern and I like looking in all sorts of books and magazines for cool designs. Sometimes it’s the simplest thing that can strike you and make for an amazing cake or cookie design. I also read cookbooks like novels, and I like to mix and match recipes to make them my own.

Q I discovered you while hunting for fabulous tiles on the web.  When I saw your cookie photos, I couldn’t believe they weren’t tiles.  Can you tell us your tile story?

A Those cookies are done with edible images, and are based on some of my favorite Delft tile designs. I was in Amsterdam a few years ago, and the tiles on the buildings are so beautiful, I just knew I had to create something that reflected them!

Q Is it tough being in the same town with, Charm City Cakes, stars of  Ace of Cakes?

A Actually, they are in Baltimore, and I am in Philadelphia (about 2 hours north), so we have a bit of distance between us. I think their style is a bit different than mine, and I have a different group of artists working with me. We actually make cakes, cupcakes, and cookies, so I believe we can create a truly customized dessert for any event. There’s room for all of us!

Q I was particularly drawn to the fact that you have become an overnight success.  In this economy that’s very inspiring.

A Well, it wasn’t quite overnight :) I have been building up the business and my clientele for a couple of years now, so that certainly helped once our retail shop opened. My husband has done an incredible job with the marketing and web-based aspect of the business, and I couldn’t have done it without his undying support.

Q I saw photos of your new retail shop on your website and really enjoyed the works of the lighting artist.  Tell us more about this collaboration.

A Warren Muller makes absolutely amazing lighting sculptures, and we are delighted with the piece he custom-made for Whipped. He’s part of the design firm Bahdeebahdu, who we also partnered with for the interior of the shop – we are so happy with the end result. It’s such a joyful place to walk into and work every day!

Q I have a company that specializes in custom tiles and I’m always surprised by client requests.  What has been your strangest request, to date.

A Haha – there have been some interesting ones! I think the request for cookies shaped like footballs in diapers for a Superbowl-themed baby shower was the most…er unique. We didn’t end up fulfilling that one, and truthfully I’m not sure it would have worked out visually in the end.

Q What is the best way for my readers to get their hands on some of your amazing tile cookies?

A They can email me at and let me know what they are interested in. The tiles are $5.50 each, and come by the dozen (2 each of 6 designs). Shipping is additional, and we send our cookies all over the continental US. They must be ordered at least 2 weeks ahead of time. You can also stop into our shop from W-Sunday in Philadelphia – get the details at

With the holiday season upon us, I’m planning on ordering some tile cookies for clients and friends from Zoe.  What a great gift idea for any of us in the tile biz!!