friday feature: Vogue

in the world of tile envy, fashion, tile and art are always traveling buds; inspired by, borrowing from, and definitely challenged by one another.

and this month, june 2013, we celebrated the first year of clé under our belts. and whoa, has it ever been a year!

figuring that life was too short not to live our dream- we created our own space where a fusion of tile, art and fashion unfolds daily in a web collection of tiles we call clé -just taking that tile envy vision and making that our reality. thanks for sharing in all that! it’s absolutely a “pinch me already” moment but here we are, one year later, and so many great artists, art tiles and clients to share it with. (fun tip: if you shop at clé, you’re definitely an artist!)

but this month marks another first. our latest collection of exclusive tiles by ruan hoffmann received it’s kick-off when the july issue of Vogue (yes, THAT Vogue!) hit the stands.


thanks to the great taste of Vogue home editor, Mieke Ten Have, this month’s july readers will have a chance to catch up on the most prized monthly spread of fashion, beauty, culture and – oh, yes- tile!


if you’ve been following tile envy from the start, you’ll know that about 4 years ago i launched tile envy with a first blog post about – Vogue. it was a short review of the fashion documentary, the september issue, and described how my best tile inspirations come from fashion.

june 2013 marks the 1 year anniversary of clé. and july 2013 marks another historic moment where tile + fashion “arrived” in the biggest and best way possible! thanks Vogue magazine for making a little tile-dreamer’s dream come true!

follow Vogue here:


twitter: @voguemagazine

(and if you’ve got an ipad, be sure to check out Vogue’s ipad version for more of ruan’s collection in their extended ipad story)

valuable tip of the day: you can check out more of Mieke’s great vision here, too: