step into the this london apothecary. it’s good medicine.

we love this traditional pattern modernized with a cool gray palette. it takes us back to when patterns ruled and your local apothecary didn’t just sell your daily dose of absinthe. did we say absinthe?

london apothecary cement tiles(please click photo to see more of this cement tile london apothecary #floorcore)

now that we can all visit cuba, cigars for everyone!

the cigar shop pattern is one of the most popular of cement tile patterns. what do you think?

cigar shop cement tile(#floorcore for your cigar shop. click photo for more!)

a shower full of flowerpower -

inspired by marimekko and haight/ashbury – this flowerpower cement tile #floorcore inspires us to “make love not war” :)

cement tile flowerpower

(for more, please click on the photo!)

starry, starry #floorcore

with the perseid meteor shower still illuminating our skies…we love this cement tile floor for some stars, both above, and below :)

star bright cement tile from clé (starbright cement tile from clé- click photo to see more)

marrakesh terrace is always the right direction…

another black/white #floorcore that becomes more beautiful at every turn-

cement tile black and white pattern marrakesh terrace(click photo for more marrakesh terrace)

hot, new, west…butch cassidy just landed in the 21st century.

the new west collection at clé is one of my favorite of all the clé cement tiles. this ones takes me straight back to the hide out with butch and the sundance kid. oh, and raindrops keep falling on my head :)

butch cassidy meets cement tiles in this new west pattern 10(click photo for more!)

casablanca cafe #floorcore…play it again, sam.

earthy tones are modern again. especially if they are injected into an exotic pattern. here, cement tiles in casablanca cafe. magical!!

casablanca cafe cement tile pattern(click photo for more)

“big spin” on classic black/white/gray tiles…

classic black/white/gray patterned encaustic cement tiles get a color punch which makes both the color and the tiles look – spin-tacular.  it’s a “new spin” on a classic color combination. don’t be shy- make that color shine!

big spin cement tile in black/gray/white

(a #floorcore to take out for a “big spin”- click photo for more)

cement tile hex’s in “kelly”…making us green with tile envy.

cement tile hex’s in solid colors or mixed up in a medley are all the rage right now. what is it about hex’s? and what is it about green?

green cement tile hex's in kelly(#floorcore explore more by clicking the photo!)

a moment in paris? check out this “paris bistro” floor…

to many, the iconic paris experience is an afternoon sitting at a quintessential parisian bistro. and for me, there is no stronger visual connection to a paris bistro than those iconic cement tile floors…

paris bistro cement tiles(a #floorcore reminder of your summer vacation in paris! click photo for more “paris bistro”)