patchwork, or singular pattern…cement tiles now in stock!

recently, in one of her groundbreaking posts, (i’ve always wanted to say that!) sarah of remodelista reminded us that it was high-time the age-old european trend of mixing and matching patterned tiles echoed worldwide!


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sarah definitely stirred some deep tile yearnings, mostly because patchwork tiles exude such high style. however, here is the catch (why is there always a catch). for most patchwork projects, they couldn’t even get off the ground, so to speak, without the good fortune of a local boneyard full of tile odds and ends. the chances of running across an abundance of mismatched -and beautiful!- tiles could leave even the best treasure-hunter empty handed.




when clients started calling to purchase patchwork tiles- clé needed to act fast! today, we are ever-so-pleased to announce that we now stock a collection of our most popular singularly patterned black, white and grey cement tiles.  and along with this- we encourage the use of the tiles as patchwork!

you want patchwork cement tiles? clé’s got them!

Screen Shot 2014-01-17 at 9.41.40 AM

(clé patchwork cement tiles – now available IN STOCK!)

cle patchwork tiles in stock

(clé patchwork cement tile installation idea)

also, with a little more time under your belt- you can get any of our cement tiles, (or other tiles, for that matter) in a patchwork formation. however, unlike our stocked tiles, you may need to wait a bit for their production. but be ever so clear… the wait would be more than worth it!

cle - oragins-Alborz Fragmented 4_

(a patchwork of forrest lesch-middelton’s elegant origins series)


(inspired patchwork by john whitmarsh: container tiles for clé)

mix and match magic with ruan hoffmann postcard series

(postcards from myself by ruan hoffmann, mix and match magic!)

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